Consultancy activities:

Architectural activities and technical consultancy related:

- Consult construction investment in the construction sector broadcasting systems, video surveillance systems;

- Design of transmission line and substation to 110kv;

- Research and evaluate the overall postal network, telecommunications, information technology, planning and construction of space works;

- Market research and provide market information (not including investigation services and information forbidden);

- Geodetic survey;

- Geological survey;

- Testing and certification of conformity of the quality of the work;

- Check the quality of materials, quality control of works;

- Manage the construction costs: the total investment cost estimates, construction norms, unit construction;

- Preparation of bidding dossiers and contractor selection;

- Verification of engineering design, construction design drawings, construction cost estimates;

- Management consulting projects;

- Prepare investment reports, projects, technical and economic reports;

- Investment Consulting, works telecommunications, information technology and civil construction;

- Supervision of construction information, postal, telecommunications equipment installation works. installation of technological equipment;

- Design measures geodetic communications, postal and telecommunications;

- Design measures Geological Survey civil construction, building communications, telecommunications;

- Structural design of civil works, communication works, post and telecommunications

- Design of space planning, architecture, interior and civil works, communication works, post and telecommunications;

- Design communications systems, civil engineering and industrial

- Project design information, post and telecommunications;

- Construction and installation of the telecommunications, information technology, industrial buildings, transport and civil;

- Consult, survey, design, project planning investment projects postal, telecommunications, information technology; of space planning, architecture, interior construction for civil works communications and telecommunications. /.

Operation of electrical services, broadcasting and IT applications:

- Installation of other building systems

- Installation of systems and equipment other than electrical: system radio and television; lightning protection systems, camera surveillance system;

+ Elevators, escalators,

+ The automatic doors,

+ Lighting system,

+ Vacuum systems,

+ Sound system,

+ System devices for entertainment.

- Computer Programming

- Computer Consulting and management computer system

- Installation of electrical system

- Installation of systems, drainage, furnace and air conditioner use

- Repair of audio-visual equipment consumer electronics

- Repair of machinery and equipment

- Repair of electronic and optical

- Repair of electrical equipment

- Repair of computers and peripheral equipment

- Repair of communication equipment

- Retail sale of computers, peripherals, software and telecommunications equipment in specialized stores

- Wholesale of computers, peripherals and software

- Wholesale equipment and electronic components, telecommunications

- Activities related to service calls

- Services for telecom applications

- Agent telecommunications services

- Value Added Services

- Sales of telecommunications products: manufacture, sale, rental software and supplies, telecommunications equipment

- Provides telecommunications services without network infrastructure

- Content service information number:

+ Distribution services, product release some information content;

+ Entry Services, update, search, store and process data;

+ Management Service, maintain, maintenance, warranty and product content of digital information;

+ Editing service, additional features, products localized content digital information;

- Export and import and export of materials, telecommunications equipment and information technology;

Activities other services:

- Road transport other passengers; manned car rental for passenger transportation, contract passenger trips, tourism or other purposes; leasing motor vehicles; car rental not included manned; activities directly support services for railway transport and roads; management activities, park cars and motorcycles;

- Wholesale of food; Wholesale of other household goods; wholesale of machinery, equipment and other machine parts (details: wholesale of machinery, equipment and office machines ting, wholesale of machinery, equipment and accessories ting mining machine, construction machine wholesale machinery, electrical equipment, electrical materials (generators, electric motors, wires and other devices in the circuit ding); wholesale of machinery, equipment and spare parts for the textile, apparel, footwear, wholesale machinery, medical equipment

- Retail sale of food in specialized stores; retail beverages in specialized stores (excluding bars); restaurant and catering services working (not including bars, karaoke room, disco); other retail stores in general business (retail supermarkets, commercial centers); Retail books, newspapers, magazines and stationery in specialized stores; Retail perfume, cosmetic and toilet articles in specialized stores (excluding cosmetics are harmful to human health)

- Service providers under contract not eating regularly with clients (catering, meetings, weddings …) (not including bars, karaoke room, disco); service for drinks (excluding bars);

- Photo, document preparation and support activities other special office (details: photo, document preparation);

- Office Administrative Services synthesis (except protective services, accounting and auditing);

- Real Estate Business.

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