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PTICC always strives to maintain a leadership position in the field of construction consultancy postal, telecommunications and information technology in Vietnam. PTICC constantly improving capacity for sustainable development, influence in the region and internationally.

PTICC always strive to provide the investment advisory solutions optimize building in the field of postal, telecommunications and information technology, providing the investment advisory products achieve the highest efficiency investment, create the added value to customers, society and community.

Traditional values​​: PTICC have a long history of over 55 years of construction and development associated with the traditional history of the postal sector, telecommunications and information technology in Vietnam.

Value Connection: PTICC always parallel with investors, businesses and organizations in the field of post and telecommunications and information technology to build and modernize the postal network infrastructure, telecom and information technology, the development of multimedia services, bring added value for investors, customers, partners, society and community, working in combination to ensure the security and defense .

Construction company development strategy based on the following priorities:

- Respect traditional values ​​of the unit since its inception in 1954.

- Sustainable Branding, rebranding and pioneering position in the field of investment consultancy specialized postal, telecommunications and information technology.

- Diversifying consulting services. Development and expansion of business.

- Maintain and develop market and customers. Meet the requirements of the market and customers by reputation, competence, ethics consulting practice, professionalism, differentiation and competitiveness.

- Training and development of qualified human resources professional, consulting engineer team of professional designers, constantly consulting capacity, enhance competitiveness and sustain a leadership position.

- Always innovative mechanisms and policies.

- Appreciate the quality of growth.

- Taking the lead in the standardization and application of international standards ISO 9001, construction standards and norms of the industry as well as participated in many scientific research is applied in practice, provide high efficiency and contribute to the success of the strategy and accelerating network modernization postal, telecommunications and information technology sector to regional integration and world.

- Take the first modern technologies to create products with high efficiency consultant, contributing to the strategic development and investment to modernize infrastructure and diversify the postal service network and telecommunications and information technology all over the country from city to rural, remote, border, island, combining serve national security.

- Actively participate in industry associations – Join the Permanent Building Consultants Association of Vietnam (VECAS) – Members of the International Association of Consulting (FIDIC), Vietnam Internet Association (VIA).

- Develop business culture, expand cooperation, active integration and development.

- To continuously improve and develop the capacity to integrate and bring sustainable value for business, customers, communities and society.

During development, the company has always focused on research and development for advanced technology applications, promote technical innovations to create the investment advisory products quality building construction high. Strategic research – helped to develop the right company constantly sustainable development and maintain a leadership position in the field of investment consulting industry built of postal, telecommunications and information technology.

Strategic Research and Development of the Company:

Applying quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

Research and application of advanced technologies employed in construction investment advice.

Investment in equipment and specialized software to create the best product advice to customers.

Technology transfer through international cooperation, cooperation with research institutes and training prestige at home and abroad.

To realize the development strategy of its research, the company has:

Expanding cooperation with engineering and technology consultants in the country and abroad.

Develop strategic human resource training. Links with universities in other countries and specialized international organizations to train and develop human resources.

In science and technology activities, the Company focuses on the key:

Investment in infrastructure modern techniques for production and management, the use of dedicated software for the design, estimation, software development utilities, building database systems serving counseling, maximizing the application of science and technology into production to move the research methodology into practical, real effective through each project, in the construction sector .

Training human resources company pays special attention and are considered strategic development to constantly improve the capacity building of specialized consultants. Training professional consulting engineers associated with building application environment for the engineering consulting business. The company attaches great importance to human selection of quality right from the start. Engineers were recruits course “Introduction” training and professional skills as leaders and company officials experienced guide. The company signed contracts with industry training institutions to organize many courses on new technologies to meet the requirements of consulting work, strengthen various forms of training in accordance with the requirements of private enterprise specialized construction problems without a particular school can equip a team, such as job training, specialized training, outbound training, especially technology transfer through partnership with the foreign companies have more experience. In the long term, the company sent staff to training high school, college majors at prestigious universities in the country, training in and outside the country. In particular, the Company elected officials participated in the courses offered by Engineering Consulting Association Vietnam – VECAS organized in collaboration with several international consulting organization.

Go early in the standardization and construction process: construction and application of standards and norms of the industry such as: “Building capacity investment and construction of telecommunications facilities and construction applications fraction problems economic analysis of investment projects “; “Develop and implement procedures to manage the investment projects of VNPT”; standards and norms of the industry norm. Every year the company has many innovations, especially in the field of information technology. In addition to application software, the company developed specialized software such as line drawings, data links, management, support in design consultancy. The company is the first unit of the consulting industry has effectively applied the quality management system according to ISO 9001 standards, continuously improve product quality and service.

Diversification of products and consulting services, followed closely targeted sector development Survey, project planning, design, evaluation and supervision of construction and equipment installation. Providing solutions to thousands of investment consulting, technical economic solutions proactively optimize technology, completed thousands of projects, projects designed to contribute to digitization strategy, strategy accelerated modernization chemical industry information network.

Expanding cooperation with partners. To have experience in consultancy work in the field of telecommunications and information technology, the Company actively cooperate with domestic and foreign units have extensive experience in the field to be active in the design technology planning zones, economic zones, urban areas, the information network of the specialized ministries.

Building science and technology libraries, many additional new material – sources of knowledge and technology management for the technical staff and management of the Company’s mining operations consultant.

Cherish and preserve tradition; respect for social norms; shared common values​​. All members of the Company solidarity, consensus overcome challenges and difficulties to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
* Accountability

Responsibility for work in the community and its activities.

Company and individual members to fully implement its commitments to customers and partners, environmental preservation, to actively participate in social activities in order to contribute to building a developed society and civilization.
* Dynamic creation

Dynamic, creative, always learning, access and promoting new ones in production and business.

Every member of the Company acumen and proactive approach, learning and effective application of scientific and technological achievements, innovative management in manufacturing business, providing the best services to bring the added value for customers and society.
* Enthusiastic and ceaseless efforts

Enthusiasm and ceaseless efforts of each member to raise production capacity in business and provide the best service for customers.

Every member of the Company enthusiastic, eager and always try to be in labor and learning, constant training qualifications, aims to improve the overall capacity, the strength of the brand and company on the market.
* Honesty and solidarity

All individuals in the company sociable, enthusiastic, frank, honest and collaborate together to build living and working environment open, friendly, cooperative spirit.

10 Compliance with ethical standards of the Association of Consulting Vietnam:

“Wisdom – Honesty – Quality – Efficiency” cultural construction business and international economic integration.

1 – Always put the interests of the country and the community on the benefits of individual parts or, take precautions to protect the honor and enhance professional reputation.

2 – Serving customers an honest, dedicated, they are looking for solutions that both protect effectively both state law and the public interest.

3 – To recognize the work of mature fields, no self-promotional excessive, not compete fraudulently.

4 – Proposed comment, analysis, evaluation or recommendations objectively independent not subject to anyone or any organization.

5 – Accept the bid selection advice based solely on the assessment of knowledge, experience, skill, efficiency.

6 – The remuneration paid by the customer for the delivery and was completed under the contract.

7 – Do not attempt to grab the job is due to other people or other companies unless the consent of the person concerned.

8 – Ready technology transfer, information exchange with colleagues and encourage the community to learn for consultancy work.

9 – Respect for professional prestige and the practice of individuals or other entities, but also straightforward combat unethical behavior

10 – Always striving to improve knowledge, gain experience, improve skills.

Market operations at the Company’s provinces all over the country with projects of the Group unit in Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications, the Ministry, Industry Group Corporation, local as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Education and Training, national Petroleum Corporation of Vietnam, Viettel, EVN, …

Company partnerships with many international partners in technology transfer, training and business cooperation as Japan, South Korea, China, France, Germany, …

Over the years, the company has implemented the majority of projects postal, telecommunications and information technology industry for Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology as well as the work of the ministries, branches and localities and international cooperation consultants.

The company carries out many important projects, projects the national backbone network, fiber optic lines provincial and interprovincial, access networks, network peripherals, cable television network, the infrastructure works mobile communication networks, the antennas and the column architecture of post and telecommunications, and information technology projects.

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